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The 20th Annual Canadian Brewing Awards


1. Go to pour remplir votre formulaire d'inscription. Assurez-vous de remplir le formulaire pour mettre en évidence le nom de votre brasserie et la bière vedette comme vous le souhaitez apparaître sur votre plaque gagnante. There are no limits to the number of entries a brewery can enter.
You may submit multiple different brands in the same style category, but each brand may only be entered in 1 (One) style category.
2. Send 6 (Six) bottles/cans of each beer brand entered.  Bottles/Cans do not require professional artwork or a professional label — Hand-written identifiers are acceptable. The Canadian Brewing Awards will not accept beer in keg format. Ensure all boxes are labeled with COMPANY NAME, PRODUCT NAME, and CATEGORY NUMBER or NUMBER. Companies submitting non-pasteurized products are encouraged to ship using overnight delivery (not for Saturday or Sunday delivery). Samples will be kept in proper refrigeration prior to judging.
NOTE: We ask for multiple bottles/cans of your products for two reasons: Firstly, to ensure if your beer advances to further rounds, which often happen a day or two later,  there are still fresh samples available for judging. Secondly, in the event that breakage, spillage, or spoilage occurs, we avoid the delay waiting for shipments of replacement products.

3. It is your responsibility to ensure all beers are packed tightly in shipping boxes to avoid breakage. We strongly suggest you wrap each bottle securely in bubble wrap. All beers received will immediately be refrigerated and categorized for the competition. If entering more than one product, you may ship them together, however, please separate the samples by category within the package and label accordingly.


Directives de Style


Expédition sur la côte ouest (optional)

ContainerWorld / Commercial Logistics – Kelowna
Attention: Canadian Brewing Awards
333 Penno Road
Kelowna, BC
V1X 7W5

Please download this West Coast identification document, fill in the information, and attach a physical copy to your shipping box(es).


Expédition sur la côte est (optional)

Garrison Brewing Co.
Attention: Canadian Brewing Awards
1149 Marginal Road
Halifax, NS
B3H 4P7

Please download this East Coast identification document, fill in the information, and attach a physical copy to your shipping box(es).


Expédition centrale

Phyxiat Courier
Attention: Canadian Brewing Awards
2390 Cawthra Road, Unit 10
Mississauga, ON
L5A 2X1

Please download this Central identification document, fill in the information, and attach a physical copy to your shipping box(es).


The competition is open to all Canadian-owned commercial brewers and beer brands whose products are produced and packaged in Canada. All brands that are Canadian-made but not Canadian-owned will not be eligible for an award. Beers submitted must currently be, have previously been, or will be, available for legal sale and consumption by the public. 


The Canadian Brewing Awards are sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program (“BJCP”).  Judging will be based on adherence to the published style guidelines. Consult the Directives de Style sur le site Web des Canadian Brewing Awards afin de déterminer la catégorie appropriée pour chaque présentation de produit.

Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies will be awarded, in each beer style category, at the CBAC Awards on May 14th in Calgary, Alberta.

À la suite des récompenses, les brasseurs recevront des notes d'évaluation complètes sur chacune de leurs soumissions.


Breweries may select any 4 (four) brand entries to represent their brewery for the “Brewery of the Year” honour.  The winner is determined from the combined score of the four selected entries based on a scoring sytem of 5 points for Gold, 3 points for Silver, and 1 point for Bronze.


Selected by competition Judges from the year’s Gold-earning beers.   Toute question concernant les Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference peut être envoyée à


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